So, we got you thinking right?


Shouldn’t your dog eat healthy Too? Read on…




Feed your dog a homemade raw fresh meal based on natural proteins, vegetables & fruits.


Your dog will thrive on an evolutionary diet based on what canines should eat: Raw meats, meaty bones, vegetable and Fruits. Famous Australian veterinarian Ian Billinghurst Invented the BARF diet, an acronym that stands for Bones and Raw Food, or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. Rigo´s Meal Diet is BARF inspired and provides vitamins, minerals and essential proteins that improve your pet's health.


Processed food such as dry and canned food contains high amounts of chemicals and preservatives that could harm your best friend.


Grain-based commercial pet foods can also be harmful to a dog’s health. Dogs were designed by nature to eat raw meat so they should eat a diet based on raw food rich in protein mixed with vegetables and fruits.

Rigo’s Meal is locally handcrafted healthy raw pet food made with 100% real meat and vegetables, FDA approved.