Pros and Cons - Dry Dog Food vs Raw Dog Food

What are you feeding your dog?

What are you feeding your dog?

Dry dog food


  • Easy to transport

  • An inexpensive food option

  • Simple to store

  • Immediately serve

  • Long shelf life



  • Contains preservatives

  • Contains low quality by-products

  • Contains chemicals

Raw dog food


  • Better quality of life

  • It naturally improves your dog’s dental health

  • Reduces Allergens

  • Smaller Stools

  • Improved weight control



  • Not as affordable as other dog food options

  • Must train a dog to go from dry to raw dog food

  • Raw meat requires good food handling practices

Raw Dog Food - Winner

Dogs were initially cared for and fed raw meat diets long before dry dog food became available. While raw dog food is a slightly more expensive option than dry dog food, it's preservative and chemical-free properties make it less likely that you'll have to take your dog to the vet for diet issues. 

Now, don't start making raw meals for your best friend just yet. A good raw meal diet requires a mix of vegetables and fruits on top of specific raw meats that contain the nutrients that all dogs need to intake. 

To get started with raw food, contact Rigos Meal, is trusted manufacturer of raw meal diets for dogs in South Florida. 


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